Spaarkloof Pty Ltd T/A Tierhoek Organic ZA-BIO-159 Certification No: 0201/38931

Organic certification is very important as there are no South African regulations in place at the moment which guide or control the implementation of organic farming practices or labelling of organic goods.

“We know that we are organic and stand 100% behind the organic ethos, but how does the consumer know this. Through our certification”

We have an annual certified organic audit for both the farm and for the production facility with SGS, an Austrian based company operating in South Africa.

During a rigorous annual audit we are checked for our inputs, management procedures, purchases of compost and other natural inputs. In the case of the production side our health and hygiene procedures are strictly controlled, as is any produce going through our facility, from raw ingredients to quality controls for labelling and bottling procedures. For both areas certification guarantees that the correct organic procedures have been followed, that there are good management and personnel procedures on the farm and that the farm is both ethical and organic in everything that it does.


  • No GMO’s
  • No synthetic inputs
  • No petrochemical inputs

Our certification is compliant with the SGS Organic Standard which is equivalent to the Regulations (EC) no 834/2007 and No 889/2008 as set down by the European Union.

We are certified with SGS. www.sgs.co.za

Please contact us if you wish to view our certification document.